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Primer - 1st Coat • FINISH - 2nd coat

1st Coat – 100% ACRYLIC PRIMER

I believe that the 1st coat applied on top of a professionally prepared surface is the most important coat.
The product we choose:
  • Adheres like glue
  • Has good penetration
  • Allows moisture to breathe
  • Is flexible
  • Has thickness for protection
  • Most of all, this product must work well with moisture!
It is important to note that the products that we choose are of the new technology. They are self priming products.

2nd Coat – 100% ACRYLIC FINISH

I choose 100% acrylic or waterborne products with which we have had great success!
The product we choose:
  • Bonds well with the 1st coat
  • Breathes along with the 1st coat
  • Moves with expansion and contraction of the surface
  • Is fade proof – color works with the UV’s from the sun
  • Is mildew resistant
Oil based products

My point of view of the performance of oil base products:
  • Thinners evaporate
  • Oils dry out
  • Clay at the bottom of the can is hard, brittle, and doesn’t allow moisture to flow
  • Disintegrates and fades quickly
  • Grows Mildew
If you open a can of oil base paint and left it exposed outside, within a week the thinners would evaporate and the clay would settle at the bottom. It is my point of view that when you place this product on a wood substrate, the thinners evaporate, oils dry out and you’re left with colored clay. If there is any water in the wood, the sun and heat will draw the moisture through creating blistering, cracking, and eventually peeling paint.

I believe oil base products are best when used to pre-prime the wood on all sides before it goes on a home and/or building. If we need to use oil base primer, we will select one that has a successful history.

When we prep and paint iron or metal surfaces, besides using 100% acrylic DTM (Direct To Metal) we use oil based primers and finishes.