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The #1 question most people ask is “How long will my paint job last?”

  1. As long as there is a thorough Sanding of all loose and peeling paint.
  2. The Primer - 1st coat must be the highest quality available.
  3. The caulking should be 40 to 50 year product applied appropriately in specific areas.
  4. The finish product has to be the best on the market and compliment the 1st coat, working well with the expansion and contraction of the surface.
I believe if all of the above are performed at the highest level (and the wood should not be wet from the inside out) then a professional paint job should last for several years.

As a professional painting contractor my specific purpose is to protect your home and/or building from Maine’s rough seasons. The extreme heat in the summer, cold snowy winter, snow sitting on roofs against siding, and intense rainstorms in the spring and fall can create unusual degrees of expansion and contraction in the wood. Although homes and buildings are designed and built to prevent rain (water) from entering the wood, occasionally it does happen. It is our objective to give you the best preparation under the circumstances. We choose the highest grade of state of the art products which only enhance the protection of your home and/or building.

I believe that after 20 years of doing both new construction and repainting at least 1,000 plus homes and buildings, that a quality-prepared exterior paint job can mean the difference between painting every few years or a paint job that will far outlast an inferior one.

I believe that the most important aspect of a paint job is in the sanding (preparation)! All of the loose and peeling paint must be removed! This process will allow the primers and finishes to perform as they should. We remove all loose and peeling painting with our grinders and sanders. I own 25 of these machines, constantly repairing and replacing older ones believing this is the key to our success.

I believe that the 1st coat applied is the most important coat. I emphasize to all of my clients that we attempt to place this coat on heavy, full and evenly. I place this coat on thinking that this application will protect the surface. The second application which is the finish product will enhance and compliment the first coat, giving it full protection.

After priming our surfaces, I use both 30 year and 40 year caulking. I attempt to keep potential water-rain (the culprit) from entering and going behind my prepared surfaces. Caulking gaps on the trim helps to maintain the success of a quality paint job.