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Dan Haley of Haley Insurance Agency is our insurance broker. Dan and his employees are very personable and responsive in faxing or mailing to you the needed information; such as a Certificate of Insurance. Liability and Worker’s Compensation.

Dan Haley
Haley Insurance
21 1⁄2 Eastern Promenade Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 774-2617


We attempt to perform our preparation with the highest integrity and expertise eliminating call backs.

We will come to your home or building and touch up any area at no charge within one year.

Decks, Wooden Gutters - Work performed on decks and wooden gutters are not guaranteed!

There are circumstances in which the surfaces (wood - or other substrates) have a high content of water. If I believe this is causing the paint to fail, I will send a representative of the paint manufacturer to your home. He and I will meet with you and talk about how to best deal with the problem.

Although we make an attempt to protect your home from Maine’s rough and tough weather - the rain, moisture, sun, salt and cold weather are an extreme challenge. We believe we do the best work possible and choose the highest grade of products protecting your home and/or building.

Most common problems - Cedar bleed, paint & material cost.

Moisture causes cedar bleed:
  • Cedar bleed starts with water under the wood
  • It evaporates and leaves an extraction
  • It can appear on the painted surface
  • The extraction is a reddish brown stain
    Occasionally a home may have cedar bleed and this is based on water that is trapped under the wood. This cannot always be anticipated but we find that using a water-based, 100% acrylic products should allow the moisture to flow through, thus creating less peeling. An oil-based product traps the moisture which can cause peeling.

    Our bid and proposal can cover some cedar bleed but we cannot guarantee extreme bleeding. If this were to occur, we will give you an estimate for fixing the problem.

    You will receive an estimate of gallons to be used on your home or business. This may vary based on your home’s needs (i.e. covering a dark color, proper protection, etc.).